TopSide Marinas is a Texas-based, family owned company that
acquires and operates high quality marinas around the country.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to foster a high-quality environment where our members and guests can create lifelong memories, relax, enjoy life, and be healthy.

Studies show that time in and around “blue spaces,” oceans, lakes and rivers, promotes health and wellness. Being around water reduces stress, encourages relaxation, and helps us reconnect with nature. Time on the water is medicine for our lives – it lets us unplug with less noise, fewer voices, and less stimulation.

TopSide Marinas provide exceptional service, hospitality, and enthusiasm to serve your needs on and off the water. We want our members and guests to feel right at home.

We are excited for you to lean back, relax, and enjoy a great day on the water at the TopSide Marina location near you.

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