Quotes from Finders

“TopSide Marinas stood out as the obvious choice for me to introduce to the owners at Rock Creek Marina.  TopSide Marinas provides a top-notch experience for their marina members and guests, and I trust that they will make the necessary investments to enhance Rock Creek Marina.  I look forward to seeing the continued growth and success of Rock Creek Marina under TopSide Marinas’ ownership and management.”

Greg Fears

Finder, Rock Creek Marina

“A lot of investors just take the money and pocket it and don’t reinvest it,” Stringer said. “But I could tell TopSide wanted to make it a good experience, not just for the commercial tenants but for the residents with boats there too.”

Stringer knew the family owners of April Plaza didn’t really want to sell, but suggested it anyway.

I told them, “TopSide really has their act together.”

Don Stringer

Finder, April Plaza Marina

We are always on the lookout to bring high quality marinas into the family.


For those generous people who love to make introductions, we would love to allow you to contribute and in return show you our appreciation. Here’s how the program works…

  1. Sign up for the Finders Reward below
  2. Introduce or refer an interested marina owner to our team
  3. If we bring the marina into the family, you earn a $75,000 finder’s fee

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