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Beavers Bend Marina

Jun 17, 2021

The Perfect Weekend Getaway

Buzz. Buzzzz. Buzz Buzz.

The morning alarm goes off alerting the start of another week. It’s Monday, and looking at the calendar, Emma predicts she will have a long day at work. She drags her grouchy self out of bed to get ready.

On the train to work, Emma is feeling a bit melancholy today. Life has been boring lately- going from home, work, and then back home. She pulls out her phone and scrolls thoughtlessly through social media wanting to distract herself. One ad chases her eye, and her finger comes to a stop. “Plan your Weekend Getaway at Beavers Bend Marina, Broken Bow,” says the ad copy on a picture of fresh lake waters. Hmmm, Emma ponders. She pulls up the map app and finds Broken Bow Oklahoma is only a three-hour drive from Dallas. Not bad, she thinks as the train speaker announces her get off the station.

The whole day Emma can only think about the ad, so as soon as she gets back home in the evening, Emma opens her laptop and starts planning for her weekend trip. It has been a while she felt anticipation and excitement. Emma has no trouble booking a cabin that is surrounded by greenery. Next, she researches to find fun things to do while she is there. Ziplining, hiking, mining, paintball, boating, jet skiing. She is surprised to see the many choices in the small town. Broken Bow seems to be a well-established vacation destination. Thinking it would be best to relax on the blue waters, Emma books a deck boat on the Beavers Bend Marina website. The Beavers Bend Marina store would be a good place to get food, some merchandise, and any supplies if she needed them. “All set!” Emma said out loud enthusiastically as she closed her laptop. She marked the trip on her calendar and got up to make dinner.

That night in bed, Emma looked at her to-do list for the next day. She was going to have an equally busy day tomorrow, but it didn’t seem so dreadful thinking about her getaway. Normally, Emma would fall asleep sighing, but tonight Emma fell asleep expectantly.

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