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Always Choose the Perfect Boat: Recreation Boating Guide.

Mar 22, 2022 | Blog

Do you wish to rent a boat for the weekend? Do you have no clue what boat is right for you? No worries, because this post will walk you through the popular types of boats that can be rented at a marina. Pick the perfect boat for your perfect weekend!


Pontoon Boat 

A pontoon boat is a type of recreational boat the uses “pontoons” (also known as floats) to stay on the water. They are flat and rectangular in shape, with some having a second deck and a slide attached, which are called Double-Becker Pontoons. Used many relaxing on the waters, pontoon boats have the potential to be designed for different activities such as a lounge area, stand-up bar, parties, and fishing.


Deck boats

Deck boats are known for the wide bow (front of the boat) they have, making for a larger deck and storage space. Average deck boats are approximately 19-23 feet long. They are great for fishing, water sports, and entertainment.



To simply put it, a houseboat is a home that is floating on the water. The inside of the boat has a kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms to sleep in. Most houseboats have at least two floors and have open space on the roof with a party top. They are great for long stays by the marina and especially for families with children that want to play in and by the waters every day.


Bowrider boats

A bowrider is a type of runabout boat that is great for everything from leisure boat rides to extreme watersports. The V-shape front of the bowrider helps make sharp turns and cut through the waves. A bowrider is always a safe choice on your trip!


Jet Ski

Now, we know jet skis (also known as a sea doo) are not boats, but they are available for rent at many marinas. A jet ski is a personal watercraft used for recreational purposes. The greatest fun of riding a jet ski is the trill you get from high speeds. We like referring to it as the motorcycle of the waters.

If you are interested in buying a boat, Find Your Boat is a great resource to use when deciding on the perfect boat.

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